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Oldsmobile 455 Dual Exhaust Manifolds

We try to maintain a good supply of the hard to fmd Dual Exhaust Manifolds for the different 1968-1972 applications. If you are in need of exhaust manifolds, please call 913-851-7977 to inquire about your needs.

400-455 Dual Exhaust Carbueretor Heat Stove

This carb air heat stove mounts on the exhaust manifold on 68 Hurst/Olds and all 1969-72 400 & 455 A-body applications. This is a beautiful, exacting hand made reproduction of a very difficult to find item. Made of a better grade of steel than the originals for longer life. Order Part # HS455 Price $139.00

Exhaust System And Parts

Our Oldsmobile exhaust systems are made from 14 gauge Aluminized steel pipes and mufflers. Includes all standard clamps, and flanges. Aluminized exhaust has several benefits over standard mild steel exhaust, that benefit both the show cars and the daily drivers. It is shiny like new steel and stays that way. It will outlast mild steel 4 to 1. These systems feature full sized mufflers for an original sounding exhaust note. Beware of those selling systems with undersized mufflers, they will make your muscle car sound like a vacuum cleaner! Muffler hangers sold separatly. Original style tailpipe hangers are also available.Please note: we do not supply the 66-67 442 chambered tailpipes at this time. All 66-67 orders will be shipped with standard tailpipes.

1964-67  330 V8 Single Exhaust            SX647     269.00
1968-72  350 V8 Single Exhaust            SX682     269.00

1964-67  330 V8 Dual Exhaust              DX647     349.00
1968-72  350 V8 Dual Exhaust              DX6872    289.00

1968-72  400-455 V8 Dual Exhaust For     DXT6872   295.00
	     Trumpet Tips

1964-72  Muffler Hanger-drivers side      EX871         $24.00
1964-72  Muffler Hangers-passengers side  EX870         $24.00

1968-72  Tailpipe Hangers for Cutout Bumpers    TPH6872		69.00 pair

1964-72 Exhaust Manifold 64-72 with 330-350      MF6472        149.00
	engines-drivers side
1964-74 Manifold Block off cap All 330-350 dual  MC6474         49.00	
	exhaust except wagons
1964-75 Manifold Bolt retaining lock-All V8      ML6475          4.00
	uses 4 
1964-75 Intake And Exhaust manifold bolt         MB6474          1.50
	3/8 x 1 1/4 coarse grade 8 

Oldsmobile 442 Chrome Dual Exhaust Extensions (Trumpets)

Every supplier will tell you their Chrome Dual Exhaust Extensions are the best. Are they really? Our Super Show BrandTM Dual Exhaust Extensions are made out of an alloy called inconel. Inconel is an alloy of nickel, chromium, and iron that is highly resistant to high temperatures and corrosion, making it a perfect choice for exhaust components. An added benefit of inconels high nickel content is that it takes a beautiful chrome finish. Inconel is commonly used in helicopter and airplane exhaust applications. Mild steel trumpets just cannot take or hold a chrome finish like inconel does. If you only want to replace your trumpets once, buy yourself a set of Super Show BrandTM Exhaust Extensions from Brothers Automotive Products. Fits all 1968-72 442, Hurst/Olds, SX, and all other applications using the dual exhaust rear bumper.

1968-72 Dual Exhaust Extensions                          EE6872 $89.00 pair

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