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Trunk Weatherstriping

Since 1982 our Cutlass and 442 trunk weatherstrips have been manufactured especially for us using only the finest quality fully skinned black sponge rubber available. This trunk weatherstrip will not absorb water (and rust out your weatherstrip channel) like those sold by our competitors. This correct size extrusion lets you close your trunk lid with ease-fits all models.

1961-77 Trunk Weatherstripping		5010		19.00 each
1978-90 Trunk Weatherstripping		2421		29.00 each
All Years	Trunk Weatherstrip Adhesive GLUE	 7.50 tube

Under The Hood & on The Firewall Rubber Parts

1964-67 Hood To Cowl Seal                                5070    12.50 each
1968-72 Hood To Cowl Seal-dense                          5074    12.50 each
1968-72 Hood To Cowl Seal-sponge                         50741   15.00 each
1968-69 Hood To Cowl Seal clip kit, steel clips          5075     7.50 kit
1968-72 Hood To Cowl Seal clip kit, plastic clips        5077     5.75 kit

1964-65 Inner Fender A-Frame Seals                       FCD2    24.00 set
1966-72 Inner Fender A-Frame Seals   (W/ Clips)          FCD3    24.00 set
1968-72 Inner Fender A-Frame Seals (W/ Staples)          FCD4    22.50 set

1964-67 Hood To Fender Bumper                            HTFB47   4.50 each
1968-69 Hood To Fender Bumper                            HTFB1    4.00 each
1970-72 Hood To Fender Bumper                            HTFB2    4.00 each

1964-72 Front Hood Adjustment Bumper-correct originals   HAB42    4.75 each
1970-72 Rear of Hood Stationary Bumper-correct originals HAB02    4.50 each

1964-67 Firewall Clutch Rod Boot                         50521   11.00 each
1968-72 Firewall Clutch Rod Boot                         5053    15.75 each

1964-67 Steering Column to Firewall Gasket	         C301     5.75 each
1968-72 Steering Column to Firewall Gasket               C302     7.25 each

Oldsmobile Cutlass and 442 Trunk Mats & Spare Tire Covers

1964	Trunk Mat-Original Rubber Houndstooth            TM64    42.50 each
1965	Trunk Mat-Original Rubber Houndstooth            TM65    42.50 each
1966	Trunk Mat-Original Rubber Houndstooth            TM66    42.50 each
1967	Trunk Mat-Original Rubber Houndstooth            TM67    42.50 each
1968	Trunk Mat-Original Rubber Houndstooth            TM68    42.50 each
1969	Trunk Mat-Original Green-Gray Material           TM69    39.00 each
1970	Trunk Mat-Original Green-Gray Material           TM70    39.00 each
1971	Trunk Mat-Original Green-Gray Material           TM71    39.00 each
1972	Trunk Mat-Original Green-Gray Material           TM72    39.00 each
1973-77 Trunk Mat-Green-Gray Material                    TM7377  46.00 each

1965-1967     Spare Tire Cover-Houndstooth               TC64    49.00 each
1969-1977     Spare Tire Cover-Green-Gray Material       TC69    49.00 each 

This dealer installed rubber trunk mat was used to protect the original mat.
This trunk mat was a "dealer installed only" option from 1967-72 and is prized
by collectors for its rarity.  Says "Oldsmobile" just like the originals and 
is a licensed andapproved General Motors Restoration Part.
1967-1972	Oldsmobile Accessory Rubber Trunk Mat	  RTM6772	155.00

Trunk Compartment Spatter Paint

This original style trunk compartment spatter paint will make your trunk area look like new. A real must after replacing the trunk floor or the quarter panels. Trunk paint is only available in 11 oz. spray cans and can be shipped via UPS. These trunk paints are proven club show winners!

All Years Trunk Spatter Paint    Black And Aqua          SP1111   10.99 each
All Years Trunk Spatter Paint    Gray And White          SP2222   10.99 each

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