400 455 CI Headers


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Brand new design for that factory fit big block Oldsmobile tubular header made of  polished stainless steel with a 1/2″ stainless steel flange to prevent warping.  
Sold as a pair with gaskets
3/8″ x 1″ bolts with washer are required but are not included

Headers are made of stainless and weigh 20 pounds.  Stock cast iron exhaust manifolds weigh 40 pounds. 

These headers are fitted to replace your factory exhaust manifolds with tubular headers with no modifications needed.  There are no issues with clearance with the starter, frame, Z-bar, dip stick, steering shaft,  etc.  All accessories will fit without modifications; all air conditioning, power steering, alternator brackets all attach to the engine as original.  You can run your factory exhaust system with these manifolds. 
These headers will only fit big block Oldsmobiles with 455 & 400 engine from 1968 to 1976.
The exhaust outlet is best fitted to 2 1/2″ head pipes with factory style flair and will fit 2 1/4″ standard head pipes.  Flowmaster and Pypes exhaust will fit perfect with their standard down pipe for the 455 Oldsmobile.
Special torque sequence is needed…..do not tighten top center bolt until the other 4 bolts are tight, 25 pounds, start at the center 2 bolts then the 2 outer bolts then the center top bolt last.