A/C Firewall Delete Cover



A/C Firewall Delete Cover. We have produced this new sleek firewall air conditioning delete cover assembly. This cover will take the place of your firewall evaporator box and clean up the look of your engine compartment. The function of your heater/AC control and inner box with heater core and defrost will still work. This box is only 5 inches deep so you have more room like non-AC cars. We made this out of automotive grade black ABS plastic, and it has a beautiful smooth finish that can be painted if you choose. The cover has all holes pre-drilled for blower motor and mounting. This is unlike some of our competitors fiberglass models that don’t have the nice finish or the holes drilled. Instead, they are brittle and wavy. This is the nicest one you will find on the market. You can also use the box for cars going to after market air.

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