Exhaust System, 400-455 Dual Exhaust With Turn Downs


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400-455 Dual exhaust set for 1968-1972 400-455 equipped cars with turn down tail pipes. We source these exhaust systems from GM’s Original Equipment Manufacturer. This means you get an exhaust system that not only fits like the original, but sounds like the original as well.  This set fits like the OEM set did.  It does not fit like a custom show exhaust. Exhaust sets come with head pipes, mufflers, and tail pipes, in aluminized steel. Aluminized steel looks like new original exhaust but unlike the original mild steel it wont rust and will stay looking shiny new for decades. HANGERS SOLD SEPARATELY For muffler hangers see part number EX871 & EX870. For tail pipe hangers see part number TPH6869N or tph7072n.