73-77 Fleece Lined Water Proof Car Cover, 2 door models


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These fleece lined multi layer covers are designed with high quality modern materials that outperform our previous cotton car cover offering and are crafted to protect your vehicle against any weather conditions. This cover has water sliding technology that will not let a drop of water go through, as it is 100% waterproof.  Some additional features:


  • 100% breathable and waterproof.
  • Inner fleece lining material ensuring your vehicles paint is not compromised.
  • High quality UV resistant outer layer of this cover, ensures your vehicle’s paint will never fade.
  • Guaranteed to fit perfectly.
  • Reinforced grommet & lanyard on both sides of the cover.
  • Elastic hem in the front and rear allowing tuck fit.
  • Material resists mildew, mold, rot, bird droppings, snow, rain, tree sap, dirt, and acid rain.
All covers come with a storage bag, an iron on antenna patch that will allow you to use your cover with any added antennas, and cable and lock to secure your cover from theft.