Body Codes Decal Kit, 442


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This body decal kit, unlike what was on the market, is a vinyl kit and it is pre-cutout. Each decal is labeled where it goes on the body; brake, transmission & fuel line tags, shock & spring tags, brake cable tags, sway bar tags, steering column, door panels, fuel sending unit and filler, speedometer cable, speedometer cluster, throttle cable, brake booster and master cylinder, frame, axle, steering box, alternator, springs, control arms, fan, defroster, splash shields, starter, brakes, battery cables, wiring harnesses, etc. These are vinyl; unlike other kits out there these will not get destroyed when they get wet and fall off. You can safely wash your car and they will stay on. Most of the codes are as accurate as we can get them, but some may differ. We are always improving our kits; we feel that you will be 100% satisfied with what we are selling.

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