Restored Quadrajet Carburetor, 7040250


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Restored Oldsmobile Quadrajet Carburetor, 1970 350, #7040250

Quadrajet Restorations:

 All of the carbs restored by us are completely disassembled, then ultrasonically cleaned. The castings are then inspected. All parts are then replated or dichromated as original. This helps to prevent oxidation and corrosion of the castings. Zinc plating and yellow cadmium plating is used on all parts where original. All of the throttle bodies and air horns are dichromated, as original, which returns these components to their original color. This process also seals and protects these vital parts from corrosion on the outside and fuel oxidation on the internal components insuring you a carburetor that will be good for another 50 years, not just until the fuel starts stripping off the spray paint. No part of these restorations is painted. All components are finished just as they were when Rochester supplied it new.

All of the plating and dichromating is done in house. When you get your carb it will look just like it did when it was new. I am not aware of any other carburetor builder in the U.S. that can make these claims. If they do any plating at all they do the zinc and cadmium plating then “paint” the outside of throttle body and air horn.

All throttle shafts are removed and bronze bushings are installed to prevent vacuum leaks and insure idle quality.

All carbs are supplied with a new fuel filter installed.

All units are engine tested on fuel, solvent rinsed and air dried before being returned. All have a 90 day warranty. Please note: We can not promise that your car can “pass smog” after a rebuild as we have no way to test for this.

All gaskets and seals are also replaced and new mounting gaskets and air cleaner to carburetor gaskets are supplied. All accelerator pumps and are replaced with modern Viton rubber seals that will stand up to today’s modern alcohol blend fuels. All fuel wells are sealed and the throttle plates are micro sealed with Dag Blend 13 to improve idle quality.

All carbs have the following adjustments made on the test stand:
Float level adjustment
Accelerator Pump adjustment
Choke Coil Lever adjustment
Fast Idle Cam adjustment
Air Valve Dashpot adjustment
Choke Coil adjustment
Vacuum Break adjustment
Unloader adjustment
Air Valve Lockout adjustment
Secondary Opening adjustment
Air Valve Spring adjustment
Slow Idle adjustment
Fast Idle adjustment
Secondary Closing adjustment

In most cases you will be able to bolt the unit on your car and drive it with minimal adjustments.

1 year warranty from the day you install it applies. Be sure to use an inline fuel filter if you are not sure of the status of your fuel tank as we will not warranty repair carbs full of dirt or rust from a polluted tank.

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